Daeva are masters of majesty, the vampiric discipline of lust and want. Their blood also favors the inhuman grace and power of the Disciplines of celerity and vigor .


Emotional and sensual, the Daeva cultivate both desire among their prey and physical perfection among themselves. Sexual predators and sensual hedonists alike populate the ranks of the clan. Succubus sires look for some combination of charm, culture, seductiveness, desire to achieve, passion and physical beauty. Many Daeva Embrace mortals to whom they have become attached, but this attachment almost invariably proves false, a mixture of lust and simple hunger. Few relationships are as euphoric as those between a Daeva and a newly Embraced childe, and few grow cold as swiftly.

Nickname - Succubi

Weakness - The Daeva's cursed blood enslaves them to darker passions.




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